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Service Unit Team
The Pittsford Service Unit is supported by the Girl Scouts of Western NY locally and serves the girls in the town of Pittsford. The Service Unit is managed by a Service Unit Team consisting of leaders and other adult volunteers who coordinate the activities of Pittsford leaders and troops.

The Service Unit Team:
  • Plans the monthly Service Unit Meetings
  • Coordinates girl and adult registration within Pittsford
  • Coordinates the sales of Candy, Nuts, Magazines,and Munchies and Girl Scout Cookies under the direction of the Girl Scouts of WNY Council
  • Sponsors Pittsford events
The Service Unit Team is always looking for new members to fill open positions. Please contact any member of the Service Team for more information.

Service Unit Meetings
Every troop should have leader and parent representation at the monthly Service Unit Meetings. Leaders and parents can rotate, but every troop should have representation each month so you don't miss out on important information that is shared.

Service Team Roster

position name phone email
Co-Service Unit Mgr - Council Laura Schulitz 267-7918
Co-Service Unit Mgr Missy Richardson 729-7453
Co-Service Unit Mgr - Volunteers Suzy Sarr
Registrar Katie Ward
Finance Consultant Joyce Volino
Building Captain - Allen Creek Elementary Amy McLaughlin
Building Captain - Jefferson Rd Elementary Katie Ward
Building Captain - Mendon Center Elementary      
Building Captain - Park Rd Elementary Jennifer Rothberg
Building Captain - St Louis School      
Building Captain - Thornell Road Elementary      
Daisy Coordinator Missy Richardson 729-7453
Mentor - Junior Joyce Volino 737-9032
Mentor - Older Girl Joyce Volino 737-9032
Adult Recognition      
Scouting for Food and Clothing Annalise Johnson-Smith
Public Relations
Website Administrator Suzy Sarr
Product Manager: Cookies, Nuts and Candy Beth Albert 586-1067
Product Manager: Cookies, Nuts and Candy Kari Szabo & Kristin Rohlfs
SCOOP - Scouting Opportunities for Grades 6+ Laura Schulitz & Missy Richardson
Outdoor Program Consultant/Camporee Laura Schulitz & Missy Richardson
Court of Awards Carey Sisson
Trunk or Treat Kelly Pearson
Swain Kelly Pearson

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